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Get Rid Of It Of America is the leading provider of waste removal services in Shreveport, LA, and the nearby areas. Our affordable waste disposal services are the answer to all of your waste removal needs. Now you can clear out your space with confidence and remove the waste from your property safely and efficiently. With our convenient and affordable service, you never have to worry about how to get rid of the trash at your home or commercial property.

Waste Removal Services in Shreveport, LA

Keep Your Home Clutter Free

Get Rid Of It Of America will help you to keep your home clutter free and sanitary for an affordable price. We offer residential waste removal for homes throughout Shreveport with timely pick up at your convenience. In addition, we can deliver compactors and dumpsters directly to your site so you can have the ease of disposing of waste without having to haul all of the trash on your own.

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Clear Debris From Your Business

Is the waste and debris at your business piling up? If so, you can turn to the professionals of Get Rid Of It Of America to help you remove it effortlessly. We provide both commercial waste removal and industrial waste removal services on a schedule that fits your needs. We are proud to serve local area schools, restaurants, hospitals, box stores, shopping malls, and more.


When you choose our waste removal company, you will be getting 45 years of experience in community waste removal services!


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